About Me

Hi! I’m Thomas. I am here to teach you how to diagnose microwave ovens problems and fix them by yourself.

I have been repairing consumer electronics for the past 28 years. I started my way with old tube TV sets and walked all the way to the modern top-notch appliances. Many people wonder why I repair microwaves when I can work with home theaters and televisions. I reply that it seems interesting to me, and I also earn good money from it.

In this blog, I will share my knowledge based on my own practical conclusions and many years of experience. When a microwave oven breaks down, the owners often ask whether it is worth do a DIY repair or it is better to purchase a new appliance. In most cases, independent troubleshooting seems quite possible option. To do this, you need to know how the microwave works and understand the principles of its operation. It is also worth considering the safety rules when repairing these devices, otherwise it can be dangerous. For more complex breakdowns, it is wiser to address professional service centers.

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