DeDietrich microwave troubleshooting

Often the reasons for the breakdown of the microwave oven lie in the non-observance of the rules of operation. Before calling the service center, look in the table for a list of problems, possible causes of breakdowns, possible solutions.

DeDietrich DME795X microwave troubleshooting

The microwave oven is noisy when operatingAdjust the front left foot.
Clean the wheels and the well area beneath the turntable.
Condensation forms on the door glassWipe the water off with the help of a cloth in order to avoid.
The time counts down, but the appliance does not function the turntable does not rotate, the light does not come on and the food is not heated)Press the TURNTABLE OFF key for five seconds.
The appliance produces sparksCheck whether the wheel support is correctly positioned.
Thoroughly clean the appliance : remove any greasy deposits, cooking residue, etc...
Move any metal objects away from the oven walls.
The turntable does not revolve correctlyClean the wheels and the well beneath the turntable.
The microwave programmes do not produce the desired resultsClean the vents under the appliance.
Make sure that you use only containers which are suitable for microwave cooking.

DeDietrich DOM1195W microwave troubleshooting

You notice thatWhat should I do?
The time is counting down but the appliance is not functioning (the turntable is not revolving, the light is not on and the food is not heated).Your appliance is in DEMONSTRATION mode. Press the STOP button for 10 seconds.
The appliance does not switch on.Check that the appliance is properly connected. Check that the oven door is properly closed. Check that the child safety feature is not programmed.
The appliance continues to make a noise after cooking has finished.In order to evacuate residual steam, your appliance is equipped with a delayed ventilation feature. According to the cooking mode chosen (solo/grill/combined), the ventilation may continue to function after cooking has finished.
The appliance is noisy.Clean the rollers and the roller area under the turntable.
The turntable does not revolve properly.Check that the rollers are correctly positioned.
You notice steam on the glass.Wipe off the condensation with a cloth.
The food is not heated in the microwave programme.Check that the utensils are suitable for use with microwave ovens and that the power level is appropriate.
Smoke comes off the grill at the start of the programme.Remove all cooking residues from the heating element before each use.
The appliance produces sparks.Clean the appliance thoroughly: remove grease, cooking particles, etc.
Make sure no metal objects are close to the oven walls.
Never use metal objects with the grill.