Samsung microwave error codes

Samsung microwave error code a1

samsung microwave error code a1

There is either a switch or motor damper problem. Check the damper switch. If it is ok, have the damper motor replaced (2 screws).

Samsung microwave error code E-11

Samsung microwave error code E-11

This error code denotes a humidity sensor issue. You can see the sensor in above your oven on the left. Also, there is the part number and a link to the part, which you may need to order and install if it comes to replacing the faulty one. Unscrew the top the top vent panel above the oven door and remove it. The microwave is designed in such a way that the sensor cannot be removed separately, so the entire panel has to be removed. The sensor itself costs $25.

Samsung microwave e-13

Samsung microwave e13

The E-13 T1 Max time error appears when the unit fails to preheat properly. There are quite a number of possible causes: low voltage, a faulty damper seal, thermistor or control circuit board. Check each of these parts and replace it if necessary.

Samsung microwave se or 5e error

The SE error code iss often mistakenly referred to as 5E. It occurs when a key on the keypad is pressed continuously or shorted. It is very dangerous, because your microwave may start running on its own and cause fire. If you ssee this code on your microwave’s display, unplug it right away and do not plug it baack in until you fix the problem. Also, to prevent it from running, you can leave its door open.

In some cases, the error may occur if the keypad strip is greased, dirty or moist. However, for the most part, it happens because of shorting and requires replacement. Please, do not be in a hurry to follow the numerous ‘video tips’ and ‘instructions’ advising methods like ‘paper inserts’ and similar stuff.

Samsung provides a service bulletin, which describes the only effective and correct solution and specifies models, to which these steps can be applied if they show this error code, intermittently or constantly. Please, do not use any other methods not relating to the bulletin.

Where do I find the model code and the model number?

The model number is printed on a tag inside the cooking chamber. It should be noted that a model number is not the ssame as a model code. The latter is found on the keypad’s connector, and you need to remove the entire control panel to read it.

Samsung microwave error code e83

Samsung microwave error code e83

This error code reports an issue in one of the three door switches. If you see it on the display board, check each switch using a multimeter. If there is a faulty one, repair or replace it. If all three are ok, check the display control board: most likely, it is not reading the switches properly. Take steps to repair or replace the display control board.

Samsung microwave se error

Samsung microwave se error

If there is SE flashing on your microwave’s display, there is a sensor error. Most likely, the humidity sensor has shorted. You need to disassemble the device and check the sensor directly. The element may be located near one of the vents on the microwave’s cavity. In most cases, shorted humidity sensors have to be replaced.

Fixing it

Undo the two screws of the top vent, then one above the keypad. Take off the vent and the key pad VERY CAREFULLY. Disconnect wire harnesses. Try to remember each connection or picture them using a phone cam. Check all elements for moisture, which could have caused the short-circuit. Dry the system with condensed air. If necessary, leave it to sit open for several hours. Put your oven back together and test it. If the error is still there, address a professional technician.

Other error codes

Samsung microwave error codes

The table shows the error codes for microwave ovens. These are the most common malfunctions. Check the error code on the display with the information in the table. Read about a possible solution to this problem. Some faults require that you call the service center.

E-11OpenCheck Sensor part .connection of sensor housing and PCB’s connector.
E-12ShortSee code E-11
E-13T1 Max Time ErrorSee code E-11
E-14Dry Up / No LoadInsert food and restart
Samsung SE errorKey Short Error (10 seconds)Turn off set and restart.
LoLow VoltageLow Batt. Voltage/Check the Batt. (Min. 21.5V)
HIHigh VoltageHigh Batt. Voltage/Check the Batt. (Max. 29.5V)
nANo AcknowledgeEEPROM(internal memory IC) error/ Call service center
CECheck-sum ErrorEEPROM(internal memory IC) error/ Call service center
EIThermistorThermistor Sensor failure/ Call service center
EoThermistorThermistor Sensor failure/ Call service center
nCNo current• No current or over current.
• Press the Cancel ( ) button.
• Press the Start( )+30s button after setting up cooking time.
• Call Service Center (Displaying three times continuous “nC” or “oC”).
oCOver currentSee code nC